Image of 4 staff members at St. Charles Convention Center who have earned their CMP

CMP - Three letters, big meaning!

July 12, 2018

What is a CMP?

The CMP, (Certified Meeting Professional) program was launched in 1985 to recognize meeting professionals through examination of knowledge and practices.


What is the significance of it?

            Although to most people, CMP is just a few fancy letters that someone has on their name tag, CMP to meeting and event planners is quite important! In its simplicity, it is a recognition of excellence in the event industry. With specific industry standards, the CMP stands as a “badge of excellence” to meeting and event planners around the world.


CMP’s at the St. Charles Convention Center

            Here at the St. Charles Convention Center, four members of our event staff have their CMP including Angie Teel, Chardean Olsen, Julie Davinroy and Jason Givens. To us, this is a cause for celebration! We pride ourselves on the outstanding staff we have, and adding a CMP to their nametag reminds us of their hard work for our company and our industry.

            Our Director of Event Service, Angie Teel, reflected on the impact earning a CMP had on her career. “Earning my CMP back in 2011 was the first step in advancing my career from management to executive level. This certification set me apart from others in the industry. It showed my dedication to not only my career but also the industry. I love being able to connect with others that have obtained their CMP to talk best practices as well as discuss the future of the meetings and events industry.”


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