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Looking for one of the best venues in St Louis? With many in-house offerings, you can find everything you need for your event here at the St. Charles Convention Center!

Event Planners

  • Certified Meeting Professionals (CMP)
  • Assist with pre-planning details to maximize your space, resources, and budget
  • Seasoned industry and venue experts skilled in utilizing facility space for the ultimate event experience

Audio Visual

  • Certified Technology Specialists (CTS)
  • Manage event audio visual needs from start to finish
  • Packages range from “bring your own projector” to full lights, sound, and video production
  • Custom GOBOs and stage design
  • Virtual and Hybrid Meetings


  • Choose from multiple options to best suit your needs and budget
  • Advertising options include venue website, external marquee, internal screens, and social media
  • Marquee located off I-70, averaging 70,000 views per day
  • Design services available


  • Classically trained Chef and a crew of experienced culinarians
  • Customized menus
  • Experienced Catering Managers
  • State-of-the-art kitchen ensures meal timeliness and optimal presentation of food temperature

Internet Services

  • Comprehensive, inclusive information technology services
  • Flexible bandwidth capacities up to 1 GB/second
  • Fully customizable Wi-Fi
  • Free Guest Wi-Fi


  • In-house drape and linens
  • Convenient online ordering
  • Dedicated Exhibitor Services Coordinator
  • Move-in/out labor assistance


  • State certified security personnel
  • Around-the-clock security available
  • Security monitored CCTV cameras throughout the facility

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