The Oak View Group at the St. Charles Convention Center is committed to promoting environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Our Green Initiative Includes:

Our goal is to offer outstanding quality of service and mitigate the impact on the natural environment.

  • Programming our escalators, HVAC, and lights based on our client’s schedules to conserve energy.

  • Reducing the amount of energy wasted through the use of motion sensor lights, sinks, and toilets.

  • Supplying each meeting room with a five-gallon water cooler to reduce the use of bottled water consumption.

  • A single-stream recycling program and a back-of-house composting program – both contribute greatly to our waste and diversion goals.

  • Nearly all cleaning agents and materials used at the facility are environmentally friendly.

  • Using only low-energy lighting where it’s most effective when skylights and ambient lighting aren’t enough.

  • Providing options to conserve paper products: paperless billing, online exhibitor services ordering, recycle bins inside meeting rooms, and using dry erase boards instead of flip charts.

  • Water pitchers and glassware are provided in our “conference package”, eliminating the use of plastic bottles.

  • The St. Charles Convention Center has locally produced organic food menu options available.