St. Charles Convention Center no offers Ionizing Air System that Neutralizes Coronavirus

The Saint Charles Convention Center is ecstatic to announce the installation of AtmosAir, an air ionization technology, into the HVAC system. Saint Charles CC is one of the only convention centers in the Midwest to have the ionization technology installed. The technology is designed to purify indoor air to its natural state by neutralizing airborne and surface contaminants such as Covid-19, viruses, odors, bacteria, germs, and dust. The severity of quality indoor air is so problematic that the Environment Protection Agency named it one of the nation’s top five health threats.

AtmosAir Solutions recently performed a study to test the effectiveness of their ionization technology against Coronavirus. The results from the study prove that the virus is reduced by 99.92% within 30 minutes of exposure to the ionization technology. “This result further validates how beneficial the active continuous disinfection with AtmosAir bi-polar ionization can be to neutralize Coronavirus,” said Tony Abate, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at AtmosAir Solutions. Therefore, having this technology will allow the convention center to provide hospital quality air circulated throughout the building creating a healthier environment for not only for meeting planners, but for guests enjoying events at the convention center.

As a second layer of protection, the Saint Charles Convention Center installed Fresh-Aire UV which will neutralize any remaining air contaminants after passing through the AtmosAir technology. Ultraviolet (UV) light is a range of light frequencies that are mostly invisible to the human eye. The UV-C band is most effective at killing germs because its short wavelength is able to penetrate the cell walls of microorganisms and scramble their DNA.

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