Sustainability at the St. Charles Convention Center

The Oak View Group and the St. Charles Convention Center are committed to promoting environmental responsibility and sustainability. Our goal is to offer outstanding quality of service and to mitigate impact on the natural environment. To do so, we:

  • Provide disposable food service containers
  • Program escalators, HVAC, and lights based on clients' schedules
  • Utilize motion sensor lights, sinks, and toilets to reduce energy waste
  • Offer five gallon water coolers in every meeting room to reduce bottled water consumption
  • Employ a single-stream recycling program and back of house composting program
  • Use low energy lighting when skylights and ambient lighting aren't sufficient
  • Use mostly enviornmentally friendly cleaning agents and materials
  • Provide paperless billing, online exhibitor services ordering, recycle bins in meeting rooms, and dry erase boards to conserve paper
  • Use water pitchers and glassware for our conference package to eliminate use of plastic bottles
  • Serve locally produced, organic food menu options

Composting by the Years

The St. Charles Convention Center has been composting food waste since 2011. In over ten years of composting, the Center has collected 265,470 lbs of waste. That is equivalent to 110 tons of avoided CO2 emissions, or removing 23 cars from the road.