Showbiz: The Next Step


November 19, 2023


Showbiz is very proud to offer a one day accelerated training program that focuses on the opportunities for a dancer off the competition stage. Each and every dancer will gain insight on what “The Next Step” truly can be!

Showbiz: The Next Step gives dancers a realistic look into stepping into the professional world by presenting each class as an audition. A Casting Director or Industry Agent will observe dancers in class throughout the day and at the Final Awards present a list of dancers who should return to the private callback. The question becomes….will you make it to THE NEXT STEP?!

This convention and experience is like no other. It has been specifically created to show dancers that you can actively excel in this business by working hard and understanding the audition process. This all-day immersive audition will provide useful training as opposed to regurgitated choreography.

Your classes will be led by instructors who are professional dancers and choreographers that are actively working and persevering in today’s industry in states across the nation. Dancers will receive classes similar to what is taught in professional auditions. Our faculty grew up dancing at Showbiz and now are fully booked dancers and choreographers in the industry. This faculty takes great pride in knowing how to work with children and presenting a class experience that will be educational, informative, and fun!

We look forward to providing a day of training which will help dancers better understand the process of making that leap into the professional world. Come join us and become better prepared to take THE NEXT STEP!

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